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中国毕业论文网www.lw54.com整理。世行与亚行国际金融机构商业计划庐山会议[Business Plan Outline] 1 Executive Summary A 2-3 page overview of the business plan This is typically the first thing that venture capitalists turn to (the second is the section on the management team) The Executive Summary should outline what the company has done so far and what it plans to do in the future, and explain why this is important or valuable Areas to cover are what the product or service is, why it is in demand, who will pay money for it and how much, and how large the market is Additionally it is important to note the progress the company has made in product development and in terms of revenues and other financial measures, the experience and background of the management team, the financing desired and the uses planned for it, and of course how to contact the company 2 Industry This section should explain the basis for the need for the company‘s product or service, how urgent the need is, and how large the need is 毕业论文 http://www.lw54.com Questions often covered are: Is the industry new or well-established? Is the need well recognized or still undiscovered? Who are customers: consumers, the government, or businesses? Who are the competitors, what are thEir abilities and weaknesses, why have they succeeded or failed, what is thEIr market share, etc? Where will competitors be in 18 months in terms of market position and product capability? Here a competitive matrix can be useful: comparing yourself to competitors in terms of financial performance 3 Target Market What is your target market and why? What are its dynamics, size, locale, etc? Is it stable or evolving rapidly? Who makes the purchasing decisions and how long is the typical sales cycle? How much of the market can you expect to gain with the resources that you plan to have? What is the competitive pricing situation? What are industry gross margins? What barriers to entry face players in the industry and what regulatory issues must be handled? (If this company is in a regulated industry such as medical or telecommunications, the regulatory section may need to be separate) Are any customers critical, or do any account for a disproportionate share of your current or forecasted revenues? 作文 http://www.lw54.com/zuowen/ 4 The Company This section should offer a brief history of the company, explain what business the company plans to be in, what the company does particularly well, and who it is that is doing so - ie, the management, board, and ownership team The management team organization, summaries of each of key management team resumes (with complete resumes provided in the appendix), holes in the team that you plan to fill, all are placed here Additionally, information on the board of directors is also useful An ownership table showing all shareholders, the number and type of shares, their percent of ownership, and the options granted and available is another important part of this section Also note how the company is organized, as an LLC, Sub-S, C Corporation, etc 5 Product/Services Offered This is where you explain what you are selling or planning to sell Do you have any "unfair" advantages such as patents, copyrights, and the like? Why should customers choose you over the competition, and have they so far? How long should this advantage last if you do nothing more? What will you need to do to create, maintain, or expand upon the advantages (R 履历吉尼斯世界纪录 http://www.lw54.。